apRefresh = 15 -- how many seconds between when we scan for updated AP info for the user currentAPs = {} newssid = "" function listAPs_callback(t) if(t==nil) then return end currentAPs = t end function listAPs() wifi.sta.getap(listAPs_callback) end function sendPage(conn) conn:send('HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n\n') conn:send('\n\n\nDevice Configuration\n\n
\n') if(lastStatus ~= nil) then conn:send('
Previous connection status: ' .. lastStatus ..'\n') end if(newssid ~= "") then conn:send('
Upon reboot, unit will attempt to connect to SSID "' .. newssid ..'".\n') end conn:send('

\n\n\n\n') for ap,v in pairs(currentAPs) do conn:send('\n') end conn:send('
Choose SSID to connect to:
\n\n') conn:send('\n\n
If you\'re happy with this...\n\n') conn:send('
\n') end function url_decode(str) local s = string.gsub (str, "+", " ") s = string.gsub (s, "%%(%x%x)", function(h) return string.char(tonumber(h,16)) end) s = string.gsub (s, "\r\n", "\n") return s end function incoming_connection(conn, payload) if (string.find(payload, "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1") ~= nil) then print("GET favicon request") elseif (string.find(payload, "GET / HTTP/1.1") ~= nil) then print("GET received") sendPage(conn) else print("POST received") local blank, plStart = string.find(payload, "\r\n\r\n"); if(plStart == nil) then return end payload = string.sub(payload, plStart+1) args={} args.passwd="" -- parse all POST args into the 'args' table for k,v in string.gmatch(payload, "([^=&]*)=([^&]*)") do args[k]=url_decode(v) end if(args.ssid ~= nil and args.ssid ~= "") then print("New SSID: " .. args.ssid) print("Password: " .. args.passwd) newssid = args.ssid wifi.sta.config(args.ssid, args.passwd) end if(args.reboot ~= nil) then print("Rebooting") conn:close() node.restart() end conn:send('HTTP/1.1 303 See Other\n') conn:send('Location: /\n') end end -- start a periodic scan for other nearby APs tmr.alarm(0, apRefresh*1000, 1, listAPs) listAPs() -- and do it once to start with -- Now we set up the Web Server srv=net.createServer(net.TCP) srv:listen(80,function(sock) sock:on("receive", incoming_connection) sock:on("sent", function(sock) sock:close() end) end)